Everything you need to know about Free Xbox

Widely acclaimed throughout the industry as “the ultimate console,” Microsoft has developed quite the sleek and user-friendly system for all types of gamers. Since the introduction of the “Slim” version along with Kinect, the XBox 360 has Playstation and their “PS Move” system paling in comparison.

Thus, I knew that I wanted one from the start. However, was I going to pay cash for it? No, I’m a college student and I can’t afford to add on another job. Thus, I checked out this website that a friend of mine has been a member on for 3 years. With his help and after a few weeks, I was able to get an XBox 360. In the following paragraphs I will share what I did to get my free xbox live codes.

Is this even legal and how does this work?

Basically, the site I used is called Points2Shop. It is a “GPT” website which stands for “Get Paid To.” These types of websites have been around for a handful of years and are really the most basic and quick way of getting cash or prizes. Basically, Points2Shop has surveys, offers, videos, and banners on their site that are from various companies.

These companies pay Points2Shop whenever a member does one of these items. From there Points2Shop pays you in the form of points for use on Amazon.com. And yes, it is legal because Points2Shop has to report income taxes to the US Gov. so it therefore has been reviewed by them.

So if it works, is there any evidence?

Of course! Points2Shop has currently reached the 3 million member mark. About 50,000 of these members are active nearly everyday. There is a forum on the website as well which is always full of conversation. Although a lot of members have gotten some big prizes such as a Free XBox, a netbook, a new HTC phone, or even a TV, most people use the website for getting household items through Amazon.com because they are quite cheap.

If you look to the right, you can view a number of prizes members have obtained. As you can see, I put up as many images of a Free XBox as I could find. Each and every image was retrieved from the site, where there are thousands of images. You can view the proof page here. Listed below are three easy steps you need to take to get started and start earning points or cash for a Free XBox..

Step 1: Sign Up

Click the green button above and you will be brought to Points2Shop, the GPT site used for getting a Free XBox 360. Afterwards, you want to click the exact same button on the actual site as well as fill out your preferred username, password, plus e-mail address. I advise that you use your real e-mail address because without it, your account will not be validated. They are doing a good job on protecting against bots on this site, and they certainly hate spam so make sure you do not spam.

Step 2: Complete Simple And Fast Surveys

Now that you have signed up to the website and verified your e-mail, you are now ready to complete online surveys or get referrals to earn points/cash toward your Free XBox.

If you click on “Surveys,” you can view different types of surveys, however I would suggest looking for daily surveys–I did those. From here you will see this screen:

Do the 1-2 minute survey as instructed, mark it as “completed”, and play the Spin2Win game to get a chance to win bonus points! To get referrals, I recommend promoting your ref link on Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social networking websites.

Step 3: Get Your Free XBox!

This, as if it wasn’t obvious, is the most enjoyable part for the thousands and thousands of gamers who use this website. Once you have gotten enough points, you can order a Free XBoxFree Microsoft Points, or anything else off of Amazon.com! Simply click on the “Spend Points” tab at the top of the page, click “Find Prize” and look up the item that you want! Enjoy your Free XBox 360!

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